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Welcome to the Centre of Creative Living!

We are Paul & Merel and we love to share the freedom of creative living with you. Why Centre for Creative Living? We’re not just interested in getting to know ourselves through meditation, but mostly we’re interested in integrating this knowledge into our lives. We want to explore new ways of living, ways of living that fit ones current needs. Meditation and lifestyle!

Creativity is the spontaneous, unique expression of a moment.

Creative living is spontaneously expressing YOUR life 

according to THIS moment,

without past or future.’

We experience how the joy of life flows out of following our unique, authentic paths. To walk your unique path, you have to be willing to go off the beaten track. You have to be willing to let go of the ways others have taught you and explore your spontaneous, creative nature.

We found new ways of living through traveling, living abroad, meditation, dance, yoga, massage and being with nature. This exploration made us aware of the the routines and habits, in which we were brought up in the Netherlands. Living patterns, which we (un)consciously experienced and embodied as being ‘normal’. At the same time, we became aware of the stress that accumulated with certain ways of thinking and living: planning, ambitions, careers, expectations, consumption, accumulating stuff etc.

We experienced how spontaneous parties are always more epic than scheduled B-days. How traveling without a plan connected us to more inspiring people than scheduled traveling. How uncertainty about money made us choose for comfort and safety above freedom and living our true passion. While in reality, we now realize we always received what we needed. Step by step, trust replaced fear, joy replaced stress, creativity and spontaneity replaced predictability and routine..

We discovered the space of feeling, choosing and living what feels right for us. There are as many different ways to living as there are people on this planet; there is no ‘normal’ way of living. Since you change with every new moment and experience, your life will constantly be fresh and new. And consequently, your future will be per definition unknown and full of endless possibilities.  So for us it’s not about finding your new destiny, but about playfully experimenting  with what feels good in THIS moment. It’s about finding a mode, a state of mind, a state of freedom, to flow from your unique, creative being.

We ended up living in Portugal for the summer months and now arrived back home in India, living a simple but abundant life. We don’t have any property and we don’t go on holidays; instead we live in exotic places year round. We don’t have a fixed monthly income; still we freely move around with our car and eat what we like. We don’t have a boss, but we do have an abandoned puppy that we serve. We meet and live with lots of inspiring people, dance, sleep in separate bedrooms, walk in nature, sleep in if we want, eat chocolate, work, and just be as we are. We still experience moments of insecurity, but we know how to allow it, be enriched by it and flow with it. We share and continue exploring ways of living in freedom.

We like to share the joy and ecstasy that springs out of creative living!



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