Any of the ideas as written on this website don’t have any absolute truth, meaning or value. These words are the invitation to meet us when you feel attracted to our words, to what we share and do.

We have been inspired and mesmerized by many charismatic, eloquent people in India, Europe and mostly on the internet: gurus, coaches, psychologists and other people who speak from an apparent authority. We believe their messages often seem to guide people into more confusion, into an endless searching or recovering process. We recognize the power of people and words. We see the one-sidedness and limitation of words and ideas. We see the excesses of allocating your authority of ‘truth’ to a teacher or master, a process based on a relationship of dependency and inequality. Instead of transfering our truth by communicating our ideas, we want to empower people to get in touch and trust on their OWN truth. There’s no way in transmitting this ‘message’ in words, ideas, exercises or techniques. We can only share our joy and love for creative living!

We share ideas but always emphasize the experimental character of the ideas. We play around with ideas to broaden your perspective, not to convince you of this or that. We want to dismantle the importance of ideas guiding your life. We hope to explore with you how intuition can get in charge for doing what you want to do in your life!

Hope to see you soon, somewhere,

Paul & Merel